Wedding Party Outfits

This is a perfect reflection of what I want for the wedding party palate (say that 7 times fast). Mint MOH dresses and blush bridesmaid dresses (a bit less orangey than the photo). Men can wear khaki or a shade of light grey/steel vests and pants. Best men wearing complimentary-colored ties with the MOH dresses and groomsmen with the bridesmaids. Maybe only the groom will wear a vest and the other boys can just wear suspenders with bow ties?

Ring Warming

The ring warming ceremony can either be done as each guest is seated, or after all guests have been seated by passing the rings down the rows. Either way, place the bands in a bowl or tie together with ribbon for easy handling. If there are too many guests, do this with only the close family and wedding party.

mt hood


If you just happened to find this site without knowing us, you must be sorely confused by what you see on the screen in front of you. After becoming engaged a few months ago and ignorantly plummeting into the world of wedding planning I quickly found the whole process overwhelming to say the least. This doesn’t come as a surprise to anybody who’s been here, done this.

I’m creating this blog as a sort of canvas for all my wedding idea vomit and with the hopes of preserving the small shred of sanity I was born with. The lovely ladies helping to plan my best. day. ever will also hopefully use this as a way of planning along with me and providing input. I’m fully prepared to hear “that’s the worst idea ever, you’re being ridiculous”. I’m not intending for anybody but my gaggle of 4 ladies to see this.

As this is to serve as a collection of ideas, none of the images are my own (except for the family portrait on this very page) and I provide all citations for original images. This is not a commercial site and I am not profiting from any of the images or citations I use. Images are for personal archiving purposes only (Pinterest proved insufficient), and is protected under the Fair Use in Copyright Law.

Ceremony Decor

Brinton Studios
Brinton Studios

Wooden best. day. ever. sign is basically a requirement. I love the framed, white curtain alter. Wooden isle decorations are cute too, but I would be just as happy with any other type of simple floral isle decor.

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